Shrill World

Photographs that I took of my beautiful girlfriend, I had this idea for a while, I wanted to represent the future full of tech but were the basic needs are not cover, where emotions don’t matter, and where grass and water are not existent, and basically that, I just did it for fun and I have been reading Brave New World and I’m obsessed. Hope you like it.

we hardly speak... but the noise is constant, we can only hear what they want us to hear
...I see now, all is lost
the world we work so hard to build, has all the things we actually don't need,
this is a sick sick world, we ate civilization and we shit all over the future
I try to remember how the grass feels in my finger tips, it's just stupid to try, its been so long now, the memories are so blurry, it make my head hurts... nothing that 4 tablets of soma won't cure. 
this question doesn't matter now it's too late... we hardly speak.
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